Drishtikon: a Tagore album by Nachiketa

I have written earlier about the need of experimentation with Tagore’s lyrical composition with fresh rhythmic and orchestral arrangements. Only one person is doing it right. You can guess it from the title, he is none other than Nachiketa Chakraborty. His earllier album “Yatra” was nice. But, I said he should have dropped the lackluster performance of Rashid Khan and should have gone solo. He has done exactly that with his new album. The album, called “Drishtikon” (point of view) is indeed his “point of view” of Tagore. Listen to one song and you’ll see what I mean:

I agree the composition is not as musically rich as it could be. Particularly, the organ section should have replaced with flute. Nonetheless, the heavy bass groove, the choir, and the inimitable style of Nachiketa actually work well together, and the end result is  very refreshing. Overall, I like the album.

I will leave you with the best composition of the album, “Na sojoni na”. Again the heavy bass groove playing over three sections of shaker/ghattam, duff and khol (an Indian drum). Yes, it feels like a completely new song. A very successful reinvention of Tagore.  Nachiketa, brother, keep it up!


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