GoodReader, the most undervalued commercial software

The people who know me understand my philosophy of using open-source software whenever possible. And when the software comes free (as in beer), there’s nothing like it. But coming out of the philosophical “holier than thou” attitude, the real reason I am so opposed to commercial software is that I find them overpriced and find that they provide very little functionality for the money. In short, “pirate if you want, but do not pay for any software”, that has been my attitude for all my life, till this time.

Yes, in this rare occasion I found a piece of software for iOS that actually charges less for what it provides. The software is GoodReader, a jack of all trade, file manager and PDF reader, media viewer, all at once. The software is so versatile at its current incarnation that I can write a book about its usage. The latest version has the killer synchronization features. But the best thing going for this software is its developer, who is one of the most responsive of all the developers I came across and always delivers his promise. Currently going for $4.99 the software is the most value for money I came across in recent times.

How I use it in my own reading workflow. That’s a post for another time.

Disclaimer: I have no link to the author or Goodiware software, the maker of GoodReader. And in no way I benefitted in writing this post.


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