Dependency hell or heaven?

People like us who have to deal with software know a nuisance that comes along with the job called dependency hell. It’s a condition is which a piece of software depends on another software to run, which again depends on another and ad infinitum. So if you want to just run a piece of software, you need to waste an enormous amount time in installing a chain of software. Sometimes, literally, the chain never ends, and you give up.

But life is not software. In life, dependencies are blessings. Dependencies create relations. I think a major part of maternal or paternal instincts is really affection created through dependencies. You know the child is helpless without you, and that tickles your sense of caring. These caring instincts created through dependencies are major factors in relations with pets. Even a plant in your home, or in my case in my office, demands your care and is helpless without, can elicit your paternal or maternal instincts. Strong friendships or even romantic relations are in fact dependencies in disguise. Show your need for someone, and surely, he/she will in turn become dependent on you. Happy Valentine’s day!


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