Snippets: last words ‘fore goodbye

Today’s snippet is from the greatest. Rabindranath Tagore’s famous “Mritunjoy (Immortal)”:

Jokhon uddhoto chilo tomar oshoni
Tomake amar cheye boro bole niyechinu goni
Tomar aghat sathe neme ele tumi
Jetha mor aponar bhumi
Choto hoye gacho aaj
Aamar chuteche sob laaj
Joto boro hyo,
Tumi to mrityur cheye boro nyo
Ami mrityu cheye boro
Ei shesh kotha bole
Jabo ami chole

The above passage was typed entirely from memory. I apologize for any mistake in advance. But I am going to do one more bold and somewhat stupid thing: I will try to translate it in English. Please pardon my audacity. But what the heck, no one reads this blog anyway.  With that apology to Tagore in place, here is my folksy take on it:

Till you kept aimed your thunder,
I bowed, I knelt under.
Your bolt brought you down,
In my turf, in my town.
Today you lost your fame,
And I am free off my shame.
Powerful you are-
But death is mightier.
“I am mighty–eager to die”,
last words ‘fore goodbye!


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