Snippets: Miracles happen this way

A passage from one of my favorite poets in Bengali, Purnendu Potri, titled “Oloukik (Miracle)“:

Shedin Muktor moton goriye ele amar hate
Omni bodle galo drissho
Amar daan dike chilo meghla din
Hoye galo dalim-phatano rod
Ar badike chilo eeter panja
Hoye galo laal talir daakbungalow
Oloukik eibhabe ghote.

Here is my poor attempt to translate it:

The day you rolled in my palm like a pearl
the scene changed instantly:
Cloudy day on my right side
Turned into rock-splitting Sun-
Heap of red bricks on my left side
Turned into red tiled cottage-
Miracles happen this way.


One thought on “Snippets: Miracles happen this way

  1. I love my India
    15 Aug 2012

    Dear dr Malay,

    I was searching “Tagore in Singapore .” etc and got to your blog.

    This post is not necessarily a response to your write up on Miracles – but just one about you in general, to respond to a few lines I read somewhere, ” .. no one reads this blog..”

    I calculate that you are a young one, talented of course, far ahead in time domain – meaning, tomorrow’s boy. And this brings me to write this note. One ahead of time (and hence ahead of contemporaries) is often misunderstood; but do get the appreciation from seniors, who are not afraid of you as a competitor.

    Your flair for literature is praiseworthy, whether you studied this as a subject or not. I shall be happy to see your findings / comments on my search for “Tagore in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia.. ”

    Best wishes and regards
    Chandan Banerjee
    Senior Mining Consultant

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