Sony Saga begins

I caved in. I joined the dark side; couldn’t resist the temptation. I bought a Sony SZ680. Wait a minute, not so fast. The buying process did not go very smoothly. I bought it twice. Firsttime the machine had a defect. The screen was patchy pale yellow all over the place. I returned the machine. Nextime Portable One told me that they can check the machine for defect before shipping. So the machine arrived day before yesterday. This time it doesn’t have the problem of the screen. The first thing I did is to open the machine up and changed the hard drive to a 200GB 7200 RPM Hitachi drive and popped int 2 x 2GB stick. I’ll be installing Linux on this machine. I’ll write about that when we cross the bridge. But in my mind I shiver thinking about the harrowing experience that I am about to endure. Wish me luck.


One thought on “Sony Saga begins

  1. Welcome to the Dark Side. Good luck.

    Hopefully, Mordor will be a better place when you get through. May be this was what Frodo needed 😀 . Ok I kid beyond comprehension, with a definite lack of justification.

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