Taiyo Yuden DVD-R and NEC ND-3540A problem

NEC ND-3540A is a nice and very well reviewed DVD burner. But it seems it has lots of problems in burning Taiyo Yuden media. Taiyo Yuden basically makes two types of DVD-R media, TYG02 with 8x burn speed, and TYG03 with 16x. Sometimes back I could actually burn one TYG03, but when I tried yesterday, the burner burns it nicely but after burning the disk was unusable. Now I checked back the burnt disk. It is full of PI errors. Upgrading firmware did not help.

By the way, both k3b and gnomebaker burns and verifies the disks properly. But the burnt disks are not recognized by both Windows and Linux. My powerbook can mount the disk though. I am puzzled and completely clueless of what is going on. Anyone has any clue?


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