XEmacs error with “planner-multi”

From a blogpost. Do the following:

Find the planner-multi.el file in planner directory. Go to near the end of the file, you will find:

(defun planner-multi-remove-task-from-pool (old-status new-status)

Just before that you’ll see the following lines:

(setq more nil)))
(setq planner-default-page (planner-multi-make-link list))))
(if (fboundp 'completing-read-multiple)
(setq planner-read-name-function 'planner-multi-read-name)
(setq planner-read-name-function 'planner-multi-read-name-multiple-prompts))

Chage the last three lines to:

;(if (fboundp 'completing-read-multiple)
;(setq planner-read-name-function 'planner-multi-read-name)
;(setq planner-read-name-function 'planner-multi-read-name-multiple-prompts))

This basically comments out the code. Then add after the last commented out code:

(setq planner-read-name-function 'planner-multi-read-name-multiple-prompts)

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